In my sessions I combine the depth of meditation with concrete coaching methods

I back you and encourage you on your way to your goal

the next step is easy


you know

the answer and all you need is within

Spiritual Coaching
with consciousness and heart

Is this your situation?
e.g.: in relationship, profession, success, spirituality, body...

  • The old does not work any more and the new is not clear?
  • Life is challenging you?
  • Your potential wants to live?
  • You hesitate or hit the same wall again and again?

Ready for the next step?
As a Spiritual Coach I encourage you to connect again with you potential. This creative source and joy of life and professional coaching methods show you the way to your solution.
The next step is easy even if you don´t want to grow.
I´ll coach you with cometence & responsibility.
Together we find what helps you to realize your spiritual potential and to live the truth of yor heart.

In a meditative atmospere we look into your present situaltion on a deep level. You can sense, feel and whatch yourself with acceptence and unitentional silence.

Very often we act from old patterns, old conditioning which came into your being when you where very young and dependent.

Very often these voices have no ground any more.
We  listen to the voices of your inner system and we give every voice it`s place and appreciation.
We clear out facts and emotions.
This clearity can strengthen your competence to deal with new challenges.
Stress e.g. blocks the naturel interaction between sensing, feeling, thinking and acting.

And we will strengthen your potential.